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Interesting things read

This blogpost by Ava Zeldman touched me in particular: Schmile.

Human-computer interaction

Videos I particularly enjoyed

Rants I enjoyed

The State of the Web

The Web has gotten unwieldy and bloated. Webbrowsers have become operating systems. Who thought it was a good idea to add support for running crypto miners to a glorified document reader? Websites are becoming bigger, slower and less useful every year. Please stop.

But then again, it looks like software bloat is an issue in general:

Corporate Web

Websites have turned from useful documents written by humans, meant to share information, into full applications meant to track and manipulate their readers users, with as goal finanicial gain for the owner. Welcome to the Corporate Web.

Small Web

The Web used to be more small-scale, made by people because they liked and wanted to share stuff.

Luckily these smaller, content-rich websites written by humans, out of passion, are still here. They’re just not on the first page of Google (thanks SEO!). All these sites together are often referred to as the Small Web:

Social media


Algoritms and AI

I’m planning to write down some of my own thoughts on the recent AI hype. For now, here’s a bunch of other people’s thoughts:

Also fun: Does Offering ChatGPT a Tip Cause it to Generate Better Text?

Tildes / pubnixes

I’m a big fan of the concept of a pubnix: a public access unix server. It’s basically a shared *nix computer that a bunch of people have access to. Tildes are small communities on these pubnixes, inspired by

The State of Society

Computers & Programming

Here’s some interesting videos: (Yup, I’m a huge fan of Dylan Beattie and Tom Scott)

Also interesting:

Text & Encodings




Interesting mini docus

Interesting video about how the Titanic was designed, and why it ultimately sunk.

Food for thought

These are some interesting things to think about:

I think these two videos by Wren particularly get you to think. They really offer some perspective and sense of scale. Plus, the editing is sooo good!

Fun things around the web

Just a bunch of things that I thought were fun or interesting. The Web is vast and full of surprises :)

A few games as well:

And some sketches, philosophy, language theory videos too :)

Creative stuff & stories that I love

Link directories

Here are some link directories that contain a bunch of links to cool things. The internet is beautiful, isn’t it :D