This page details what I’m up to at the moment. Last updated January 2024.

Compositional WMs

After having read On Compositional Window Management by Alexander Bandukwala, I’m thinking about ways to implement a subset of this paradigm using nested Wayland compositors, perhaps using Cage like in Drew DeVault’s Wio (unfortunately, Wio’s website is dead and the project seems abandoned).

Small websites

I’m trying to formulate my thoughts regarding the Web. As I’ve said in the past: I love building websites; I also hate the Web. I don’t hate the Web. I just hate what it has become. As a tool for expression and distribution of content it’s great! And that’s what it should be: a very nice document reader. But currently we’re treating it as an SDK of some sort. A universal application development toolkit. And I get that, but I completely disagree. I’m part of the problem tho; at my job I build webapps and CMSs. However, I’d like to be part of the solution too.

I’m thinking about how to build better websites. So far, I have a few important things:

I’m trying to build a workflow that I can build lightweight, small, accessible and sustainable websites with, which would still have the benefits that draws people to heavy tools like WordPress. I think there is some real potential and demand, especially from clients who care about the environmental costs of building websites.

Anyways, these are all some loose thoughts.

My own Search Engine..?

Is it just me, or have search results gotten really shitty? When I search for something, the only fucking results that I get are AI generated SEO bullshit. And I’m done with it.

I have been thinking about what I want a search engine to do. It should do basically this:

This hypothetical search engine would be mainly for personal use, but I wouldn’t mind putting it on a public site if I were to build it.

Update: I’ve come to the conclusion that what I really want is a something like Dash. However, it could still be interesting to build a search engine that searches everything I’ve read, by connecting to my RSS reader. Think something similar to Monocle.