At work, I code in Elixir and Javascript. In my free time however, I like to play around with *NIX systems. I’m always trying to build new things to improve my “workflow” or make things look pretty. Basically, a r/unixp0rn user :P

Here’s a selection of some of the stuff I’ve built. For the rest, take a look on {du}punkto.

Project Description
The Grape Programming Language A general purpose programming language made for rapid-pase prototyping. The goal is a functional language with the nice syntax of Elixir or Ruby, but compiled to statically linked binaries. (In-Progress™)
Unlibrary A fully fledged RSS reader written in Elixir. Runs as a daemon in the background that multiple clients, like a CLI and webapp, can connect to. Handles pulling feeds concurrently and storing them in the database.
I’ll eventually finish this, trust me ;)
CutieTanks Shoot ‘em all local multiplayer arcade game with controller support built using PhaserJS.
neopub Self-hosted blogging platform for microblogs. Runs my microblog and has support for micropub (with media endpoint) and multiple post types.
VSKodium Web-based editor for Chromebooks made using CodeMirror and CSS Grid layout. I made it because the Python editor we used at school was trash and I wanted something I liked.
js0.23-improved A fork of the that aims to improve it by adding features to make it closer to the original, or just stuff that I like myself.
fallen world A (proof-of-concept) Minecraft RPG and adventure map, built completely without any plugins or mods. It’s all vanilla Minecraft commands, scoreboards and loottables.
Mushroom Highlands A Minecraft Datapack that adds a new dimension to the game. Features new items, mobs, biomes and structures. It’s inspired by the famous Minecraft mod The Aether.

I also build websites—sometimes.