At work, I code in Elixir and Javascript. In my free time however, I like to play around with *NIX systems. I’m always trying to build new things to improve my “workflow” or make things look pretty. Basically, a r/unixp0rn user :P

Here’s a selection of some of the stuff I’ve built. For the rest, take a look on {du}punkto.

Project Description
Untitled A yet-to-be-named project that explores ways to blend websites, social media and collaboration on the Web, by implementing an easy-to-use website engine powered by various open standards.
Oblikvo A browser-based 3D first-person shooter with old school graphics and multiplayer support.
Hotfox A browser extension for Firefox that detects RSS feeds and allows you to subscribe to them.
Somtomorrow Next-gen cross-platform Somtoday client that’s actually good. (I’ve shelved this halfway thru development, because of authentication issues with the Somtoday API)
The Grape Programming Language A general purpose programming language made for rapid-pase prototyping. The goal is a functional language with the nice syntax of Elixir or Ruby, but compiled to statically linked binaries. (In-Progress™)
Unlibrary A fully fledged RSS reader written in Elixir. Runs as a daemon in the background that multiple clients, like a CLI and webapp, can connect to. Handles pulling feeds concurrently and storing them in the database.
I’ll eventually finish this, trust me ;)
CutieTanks Shoot ‘em all local multiplayer arcade game with controller support built using PhaserJS.
neopub Self-hosted blogging platform for microblogs. Runs my microblog and has support for micropub (with media endpoint) and multiple post types.
VSKodium Web-based editor for Chromebooks made using CodeMirror and CSS Grid layout. I made it because the Python editor we used at school was trash and I wanted something I liked.
Nindo Numerous attempts I’ve made at building a social media platform, before discovering that social media is, in fact, shit.
js0.23-improved A fork of the that aims to improve it by adding features to make it closer to the original, or just stuff that I like myself.
fallen world A (proof-of-concept) Minecraft RPG and adventure map, built completely without any plugins or mods. It’s all vanilla Minecraft commands, scoreboards and loottables.
Mushroom Highlands A Minecraft Datapack that adds a new dimension to the game. Features new items, mobs, biomes and structures. It’s inspired by the famous Minecraft mod The Aether.
spaceshooter.js 3D spaceshooter written with ThreeJS in Javascript. Never finished, but looks kinda cool.

I also build websites—sometimes.