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Hi, I’m Robin (he/him), also known as axcelott online. I’m a 16-year-old teenager from the Netherlands. This is my little corner of the vast internet.

About me

I like anything *NIX or BSD, I’m a sucker for functional programming and I enjoy listening to some good music. I currently work at Qdentity as Junior Developer.

I’m in 5VWO. I pretty sure that’s year 12 for British people, and grade 10 for American folks. I think.

Some random facts about me: I have a cat called Coco (who apparently has an instagram profile: @coconootje23, go follow him!). I absolutely love Belgian waffles (but stroopwafels are nice too). I enjoy playing Minecraft. I’m very clumsy; I tend to break things.

Here’s a random picture I decided I liked :)


I regularly post updates on my blog about my findings. Here’s a selection of my writing:

Waarom altijd meer?, about value judgements regarding study tracks and courses in Dutch highschool.

Gebrek aan ambitie?, expressing my frustrations with the Dutch education system, and how it fails students.

Het belang van open standaarden, an essay about the importance of an open web.


You can reach me via IRC, I’m often hanging out on Libera; my nick is axcelott. You can also send me a friend request on Discord, my handle is Axcelott#9914.

I absolutely hate social media, so I’m not on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook. You can follow me via RSS tho.

Alternatively, if your message is urgent (it isn’t) you can also reach me via email. I love a good conversation, so don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, I’ll always reply. My address is below:

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