Introducing {du}punkto

Last year, I posted my thoughts on running a tilde/pubnix. In a nutshell, I wanted to experiment with setting up a small tilde, to learn more about Linux and the internet. And after a few months of experimenting, I finally have a system that I’m happy with. So today I’m introducing {du}punkto, my attempt at building something.

In short, {du}punkto is a small group of like-minded people who are sharing a VPS. Everyone has access to the server over SSH or Mosh (handy for areas with wonky connections). The goal is to learn new things about *NIX systems, collaborate on code, experiment, and, above all, have fun. I’m co-maintaining it with MSB, one of my best friends. The website isn’t finished yet, but it has a little more info, if you’re curious.

Our server is named du11, after my web server s11, and it’s running FreeBSD 13. I opted for BSD because I like the tidy and organized folder structure, large repos, and jails functionality. It’s running a bunch of services for developing and collaborating on software. Most notably:

It’s also possible to run complimentary services in FreeBSD jails, like:

I’m very excited about it. I’m looking forward to seeing what we’re gonna do with it further.

Future plans
  • A handwritten classic Minecraft server.
  • Gopher and Gemini hosting, using public_gem and public_gopher respectively.
  • A VSCode server, similar to
  • A Matrix homeserver with Whatsapp bridging.
  • A Mastodon or Lemmy instance?