Robin Boers

Developer & webdesigner

Technical skills

I’m pretty good at building websites. I’m fluent in Elixir, HTML/CSS, Javascript. I know a little PHP too. Additionally, I’m comfortable with the UNIX commandline and git version control.

I also have experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Svelte, end-to-end encryption, tailwindcss and deployment to These are just the things I’ve used so far. I’m capable of picking up any technology and learning it within a short time.

I can work with WordPress, but I’d rather use a Static Site Generator.


Title Organisation Duration
Founder & maintainer {du}punkto 2023-Current
Junior Developer Qdentity 2021-Current

At Qdentity, I worked with Elixir, Phoenix Framework and tailwindcss and I built Sharefox and some other internal APIs.

I also built websites as independent webdesigner for various people throughout the years.


School Program Duration
Lyceum Schravenlant VWO/Atheneum 2019-2025


I speak both Dutch, which is my native language, as well as English, which I learned through online interactions and a lot of Netflix (don’t worry, I also got courses at school of course ;)

Projects & Interests